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Notes: Choptank Tributary Team future role, Jan 12, 2012
This meeting’s goal was to start a process of redefining the team’s role in view of changes to the
DNR’s the Tributary program and in Maryland’s watershed community over
the past several years. It was facilitated by Mike Bilek.
1. To dos:
Type notes - Sam
Flesh out the brinstorm ides - Bill
Circulate to major organization to get feedback on what they feel they hve covered and
would see a need for Trib team to persue
2. What do you think the mission of the Trib Team has been?
Policy (historically the Choptank team’s focus ie oyster and ditch policies)
3. What are the major organizations in the Choptank watershed who
could be or are performing similar functions?
Oyster recovery partnership
WIP County teams
MD Cooperative extension- Bay wise program
Phillips Wharf
Pickering Creek
Environmental Concern
Soil Conservation District
Dorchester Cit for planned growth
Talbot democratic forum
U of M Horn point
Resource conservation and Development
Bay Hundred

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St Michaels maritime intsitute (sic CBMM)
The nature conservancy
Sierra Club
Chesapeake bay Ecological Foundation
4. Do you know of valuable contributions the Team has made in the
Oyster Moratorium
Menhaden Harvest Limit
Cover crop issues
Fisheries Ecosystem Mgmt
De nitrifying Septics
MD Grows Oysters
Support of grant applications
Ditch management (PDA’s)
Clean marina program
Rad Pad steam clean ups
Project Clean Steam
Inter jurisdictional Cooperation
Neutral convener
Public forum on growth U of M, Caroline
5. What are the Team’s strengths? Weaknesses?
Consensus based decision making
No enforcement power
Cannot sue
Lacking in full local gov’t and electeds involvement
Strong leadership
Kick ass website
No funding, no DNR
Now lacking an ecosytem mgmt approach
Excellent diverse representation
Raising awareness
Limited agency support
Need to pressure to implement

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Lacking critical mass
Lack of clrity of purpose
Lack of communication of results
6. If the Team’s role should be different than in the past, what new
role or roles could the Team play? What organizations or individuals
should be involved who aren’t already?
Pressure for implementation of ecosystem mgmt issues
Over-arching Coordination role between government and non-govern ment
A convener role
Raise issues, identify gaps, dog it to completion, (eg. BRF$ increase, septics and oyster
management plans
Local implemetation of WIP’s
Participate in WIP stake holder meetings
Invasives and exotics
Think tank role
Outreach to new potential members
Water quality at sub watershed level
Find willing residential/Ag/Commercial etc. site for BMPs
Community Liaison for polution hot spot identification
Help SCD’s identify voluntary AG BMP’s
Wade-in enhancement, educational event
Ideas fro Ag community
A Choptank Advisory Committee role
The press
A coordination role
A clearing house
Strengthen position with counties especially with WIP implementation