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Strategy for November 2009 Planning Meeting
Choptank Trib Team
Meeting date: 11/12/09
Location: Easton, TBD
The November meeting is an opportunity for the Team to establish its 2010 workplan priorities, and an
opportunity for members to weigh in on the direction the Team will take. We will focus our efforts on
identifying local actions that will help us reach the state’s 2 Year Milestones (including development of a
TMDL Implementation Plan) and implement the Tributary Strategies for the Choptank Basin. The Team
undertook a similar exercise in 2007 and there are still many good ideas from that effort that we can
incorporate into our discussion. If you need to refresh your memory on these documents, they are listed
on the website at, under Trib Team/Info for Team Members.
Please come to the meeting with your ideas for what specific actions the Team can take to work toward
these goals. We’ll begin the meeting with a brainstorming session during which any and all ideas for the
Team’s 2010 work will be heard. After the brainstorming, we’ll evaluate the ideas and select the ones
that the Team feels are manageable and will get us closer to reaching our goals. We will place the
selected tasks into categories and create workgroups to handle each category. Some examples of
Workgroups might include Legislative Review, Inter-jurisdictional Management Plan,
Communications/Outreach, Living Resources, etc.
The responsibility of the Workgroups will be to meet (if necessary) during the interim between monthly
Team meetings and work toward accomplishing their assigned tasks. This is an important component of
the Team reaching its goals. Please come prepared to volunteer for at least one workgroup.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the Team. We look forward to working on this plan with
Jen D. and Bill W.